# Units for the most commonly used US units. If you need to # worry about the minitae, such as the difference between a # fluid pint and a dry pint, pleases see the documentation # for the quantity/systems/us modules. class Quantity::Unit

  add_unit :foot, :length, 304.8, :ft, :feet
  add_unit :inch, :width, 25.4, :in, :inches
  add_unit :yard, :length, 914.4, :yd, :yards
  add_unit :mile, :length, 1_609_344, :miles

  add_unit :pound, :mass, 453592.37, :pounds, :lb, :lbs
  add_unit :ounce, :mass, 28349.5231, :ounces, :oz
  add_unit :ton, :mass, 907184740, :tons

  add_unit :fluid_ounce, :volume, 29.57, :floz, :ozfl
  add_unit :pint, :volume, 473.18, :pint, :pints
  add_unit :quart, :volume, 946.35, :qt, :quarts
  add_unit :gallon, :volume, 3785.41, :gallons, :gal